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YPod Wedding Films FAQ

How do I check your availability or book you for my wedding?

Easy, just send an e-mail to kelly@ypodweddingfilms.co.uk, give us a phone on 01698 832745 or contact via Facebook to check if we are available. If we are available and you want to book we normally ask for your e-mail address and send you a link to our online booking form. Once you complete our booking form, we will e-mail you a copy of your invoice, showing package details, price and details of your booking fee to secure your date.

How much is it to secure our date and book?

A £250 booking fee is required to secure your date and book us to film your wedding. Our payment details will be provided once you complete the booking form mentioned above. Your date/ booking is not secure until this booking fee is paid. The booking fee is deducted from the overall cost of your chosen wedding package.

When is the remaining balance due to be paid?

Your final balance for your wedding film is due 7 days before your wedding date, but you can pay at any time before this. You can even pay us in instalments if that’s easier. Just make sure to pop your name as the payment ref so we know it’s from you.

What form of payments are accepted?

We take payments is via Bank Transfer. Our bank details will be at the bottom of your invoice.

What happens after we book?

Celebrate (woo) and tick wedding film off your to-do list. We will e-mail you a form a few weeks before your wedding asking for all the final details we need for the day. We can also meet up for a pre-wedding chat before your wedding. Feel free to contact us at any point before or even after your wedding if there is anything you want to ask or if you just want to chat about your plans, we are always here and happy to help and love to hear about your day.

Do you charge for travelling?

We are happy to film anywhere in the world (or universe as long as you can provide us with a rocket and some funky space suits). Each wedding package includes mileage within a 20 mile radius of our ML1 postcode. If your wedding is outside of this radius then there will be a wee charge of £0.50 per mile (extra 30 miles = £15.00). We might also have to charge for other forms of transport such as flights and ferries and accommodation if we need to stay over. Don’t worry, this will all be shown on your invoice when booking. We may take payment for any accomodation travel costs such as flights at the time of booking.

When will my wedding film we ready?

Our turn around time is anywhere from 16 - 25+ weeks (we only give rough estimates as it really depends on when your wedding is and how many weddings we have in the queue). It takes us 2-3 weeks to edit your wedding, but we tend to have a queue of wedding films that we are working on. After we film your wedding we will send you a link to our online tracking page (which is updated weekly) where you can see where your film is in the queue.

When will my trailer / highlight film be ready?

We aim to have your trailer ready within 7 days of your wedding (although it’s usually ready within 48 hours) but it may take a little longer depending on how busy we are and if we are far travelled or away from the office/ on holiday. If you have a highlight film, these are usually ready around 4 - 6 weeks after your wedding, but again it this may be longer when we are super busy.

Why is two (videographers) better than one?

Having two videographers is essential for our type of wedding coverage and has great advantages. The first and main advantage is that it allows for multiple camera angles during the main parts of your day (ceremony, speeches and first dance). Two videographers also means you get a better, fuller account of your wedding day (sometimes, depending on location etc, one of us may film the photo session and the other filming your guests mingling, these shots would not be possible with just one videographer). It also has practical advantages for instance, when we arrive at a venue one person can setup the cameras while the other starts filming venue shots and guest arriving. When the ceremony is finished, it also allows one of us to film the bride and groom going out for photos and the other can pack away the equipment into the car or other area in the venue. Having two videographers is simply a more efficient and effective way to capture your wedding which is why we include it in all of our packages as standard.

MultiCam Wedding Films

What does filming in Ninja style mean?

We try to be as discrete as possible and not get in your face by often literally hiding the shadows. We don’t want you or your guests feeling uncomfortable or awkward, we want you to be comfortable, happy and relaxed. We often get couples telling us that they can hardly remember seeing us on their day, which is the kind of result we like. There are times when it is a bit difficult to be Ninja (especially in smaller spaces) but we do our best to not get in the way too much.

What does cinematic mean?

It’s a lot to do with movement, editing style and colour grading of your finished film. We use (when possible) steadicam and slider shots which are professional tools used frequently in many of today’s big films which add an extra bit of smooth motion and class to your footage. We also use full frame cameras which are able to create beautiful depth of field, which again, makes the footage looks more cinematic. Our films are creatively edited and we use cinematic cropping, professional colour grading tools and film stock emulators to really give your film a professional finish.

What cameras do you use?

Our main cameras are 4K Full Frame Sony Cameras. They are small & discrete, amazing in low light and more importantly produce a really excellent cinematic HD image.

Do you film in HD (High Definition)?

Yes, we always film in HD as it produces the best results. Online trailers/ highlight videos will be uploaded online in a streamable HD format. All our films are delivered in HD via USB and our online delivery system (click here to check out our awesome USBs and presentation boxes). This gives you a private, online copy of your wedding film that you can use to watch your film on any mobile device with a browser. Watch it on your tablet, computer, smartphone or smart TV (if it has a browser). How cool is that?! It’s a very awesome way to show your friends and family and watch your film almost anywhere you want.

Who picks the music for your wedding films and how do you get licenses to use songs in your work?

Feature Film Package: We will ask you to send us a list some songs you like to give us some ideas for your feature film. We even have a handy little list of songs we have used before which can help you pick. If we don’t think your songs will work with your footage we may suggest some alternatives as music can really make or break a wedding film. Don’t worry if you are not sure, if you want we can select the music for you. We buy licences from MCPS and PPL which cover the use of music in our feature films.

Mini Movies, online highlight films/ trailers/ sneak peeks etc: All mini movies and online highlight films/ trailers/ sneak peeks etc will be edited to music which is chosen by us from music we are able to licence for online use.

Do you do this full time?

Yes, our business is our passion. Weddings are not easy to film and having the responsibility to capture someone's special day isn’t without it’s pressures and challenges (no retakes that would be possible in other types of film making). This is what we love doing and it’s the best thing in the world to give a couple a film that perfectly captures their wedding.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have professional business insurance including public liability, professional indemnity & equipment cover.

Is this your best price, would you “price match” this company or do a cheaper price?

Unless we are running a promo then yes, this is our best price. No, we don’t price match. Our prices are based on the time, skill and finish applied to each wedding film. If you go to ASDA and pay £1 for a sandwich, you’ll get a cheap basic sandwich that was quickly made. If you go to a top quality restaurant and order a sandwich made by a team of specialists chefs, you will pay more but the end result will be so much better. Our prices are based on the time and effort required to perfect each wedding film, we work tirelessly to make sure everything is just right with every film we produce. We know that there are companies who are cheaper, but we also know there are companies charging double and triple our prices for a finish very similar to our own.

The costs are also not just based on us filming and editing a wedding, there is also a huge amount of other work & costs involved from basic admin, customer service, book keeping & tax, invoicing, graphic design, web design, marketing, office running costs (including electricity, paper, printers, ink), USBs, online delivery system, music licenses, PC editing equipment (hardware and software), camera gear (keeping it up to date and serviced), business insurance and MUCH more. It’s pretty clear (when you factor in everything involved) that we offer an excellent professional service at an exceptional price and only you can decide if we are right for you. If you want to read a bit more about what we do, go check out our Why Choose Us page.