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About YPod Wedding Films

We are fully insured and qualifed in film-making, media, sound engineering & marketing. We love what we do and feel our skills and passion is reflected in our work and how we run our business.

We specialise in Wedding Films in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Scotland, throughout the UK and worldwide. We started YPod Wedding Films because we have a passion for creative wedding film production and wanted to do something we both love while making epic cinematic wedding films that couples can look back on for years to come (no cheese or dodgy borning videos here).

The funny thing is, when we got married back in 2008 (before YPod), we had quite a small wedding and didn’t bother going to the “hassle” of getting a wedding video. When we look back on it, it’s something we really regret, no picture/ photo album comes close to seeing live film from your wedding day. Film technology is awesome, the fact you can record “moving life” really is mind blowing and very much taken for granted (probably sounds geeky but really, how cool is film). So if your on the fence as to whether you want a film or not, trust us from experience, it’ll be totally worth it! (providing you choose the right company to do it). We have had a few couples who booked us last minute because they weren’t sure if they wanted a film and then said it was the best thing they could have done as it allowed them to relive their day (which to be honest goes past VERY fast).

Check out our Film Gallery to see examples of our wedding films & read our lovely testimonials from our awesome couples | Check out our Why Choose Us for more info.

DEXTER (Head of Security)

Apart from looking gorgeous, Dexter guards the YPod office with his assistants Nero and Ozzy while we are out filming and greets every guest with the all important sniff test. He also insists on having a nibble of our breakfast, lunch and dinner (safety checks he calls it - aye right!)

OZZY (Security Officer)

Little Oz Cat helps his big brother Nero guard the YPod office. He’s a little lazy so you will usually find him sunbathing by the window while Nero and Dexter do all the hard work. He’s a good looking boy and he knows it so you will also find him cuddling up to anyone to will say hello to him.

NERO (Security Officer)

Nero the Ninja Cat uses his stealthy skills to sneak around the YPod office to make sure it’s safe and secure. He is so sneaky that we often find him hiding in a drawer or cupboard! Nero is also an expert in giving Kelly and Craig relaxing cuddles after a long day of filming weddings.

Kelly & Craig - Team YPOD!

HOVIS (Night Shift Guard)

Meet Hovis the African Pygmy Hedgehog who took over from Dexter as the night shift security guard (we caught Dex sleeping on the job tut tut). When he is off duty, Hovis loves cuddles, sleeping on Kelly’s shoulder and stealing Nero & Ozzy’s secret treat supplies.


About Me

About Me

YPOD Security Team

Wedding Videos Glasgow - About Us

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