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YPod Wedding Films:  So, Why Should You Choose Us?

Looking for a wedding film company in Glasgow, Scotland or anywhere in the world (yup, we travel worldwide)? You will probably know there is no shortage of wedding videographers out there! So, why choose us to film your big day? Well, at this point we could write a load of cheesy sales patter, but honestly that’s just not how we roll. When we are looking for a service or product, we hate the being hit with cheesy stuff, it makes us cringe and often puts us off the buying the product or service, even though it might turn out to be great (even the best!).

So without sounding too cheesy, let’s simply give you with some info about our unique wedding films. You can also check out our FAQ page for more info.

Award Winning Wedding Films

A good starting point is that we are an “Award Winning Wedding Film Company”. In 2014 & 2015 we won the Wedding Industry Expert Awards for Most Popular Cinematography/ Videography, ranking No.1 in Glasgow and No.1 in Scotland. We also were proud finalists in the 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 Scottish Vows Awards for Customer Excellence. (Woo hoo)

Excellent Customer Service

We find it super important to provide excellent customer service both before and after your wedding. We respond to missed calls and e-mails within a few hours (usually 1 hour). We sometimes even reply to e-mails or Facebook messages in the early hours of the morning, if we are awake and you are asking, it’s likely we will reply. We are always available and happy to help out with any part of your wedding (not just the film) or even just for a chat. Many of our lovely reviews often comment on our customer service so it’s nice to know that people recognise we are often going way above and beyond what is necessary. We heavily rely on recommendations for future wedding work so customer service is key to keeping our company growing.

A Super High Quality Finish as Standard

We are perfectionists when it comes to what we do, we love being creative and we dedicate ourselves to always finding new and better ways to do things to get the best possible results for our couples. Regardless of the package you choose, each film is produced to a the highest quality standard, we edit your footage to go along with the music, colour match and grade your footage, use creative filters and transitions and professionally mix/ master your audio so the volume is consistent throughout. With over 10 years + experience in creative media, it’s safe to say we know what we are doing & we are pretty good at it too (if we do say so). This is our full time job, it isn’t a hobby or a side line for extra cash, we take it very seriously (but don’t worry, we are fun and chilled to work with) and we also have full professional business insurance for extra piece of mind.

No Big Old Fashioned Camcorders Allowed

For equipment we use some of the latest video technology, including DSLR cameras. They are small and discrete and give us super awesome image quality, low light performance and allow us to film with depth of field, giving a cinematic look to your wedding film. By keeping our equipment as small and light as possible allows us to move about more freely and not get in the way too much. We also use professional tools such as Steadicams and sliders when possible to add cinematic movement to your wedding film (no dodgy zooms here).

All weddings are shot using 2-3 cameras, multiple professional microphones and 2 videographers (Craig and Kelly) as standard. The majority of other wedding film suppliers will charge you a premium rate of £300+ for the luxury of an extra videographers but to us, it’s essential. We are a team and believe having multiple camera angles (especially during the ceremony, speeches & first dance) gives a much better, dynamic result, making the viewing experience much more enjoyable as opposed to one camera with one angle for 30-45mins of the ceremony or speeches (would become incredibly boring, and miss a lot of shots that we can get with our multiple camera setup). Also we find the idea of anyone relying on just one camera for an entire wedding extremely risky, what if the camera fails (you get nothing) or what if someone stands in front of the camera (nothing to cut to). These are all things to think about. We may use multiple cameras, but we are super discreet (or ninja as we like to call is).

Using multiple camera setups gives you a great final result but also gives us a massive workload of different camera and microphones to sync and colour match in our editing suite. Our production time for your wedding film is anywhere from 16 - 20 + weeks (sometimes longer if we are mega busy). This doesn’t actually mean it takes us that length of time to edit your wedding, when we start on your wedding it will be complete within 2-3 weeks. After we have filmed your wedding we will send you a link to our wee funky online tracking page where you can watch the progress and get excited as you watch your wedding film climb the queue. We never rush our editing so we only give rough estimates for our production times.

We Love This

We aren’t sniff necked wedding videographers, who stand with massive camcorders and a stern technical face on all day like they are filming a news report. We genuinely enjoy being part of people’s big day, we understand how stressful it can be as we have “been there and done it”, so we make sure we film your day by being as discrete as possible which in turn, allows us to create the best, natural representation of your wedding day. We will try our best to stay in the background (when possible) and not get in you or your guest’s face. We are professional videography ninjas and most of our couples point out that they hardly noticed us on the day.

No Boring or Cheesy Videos Here!

We want to make you a wedding film you will love to watch. Not some epic video that last for hours and will bore your whole family to tears. Our films are cinematic and creatively edited to make them something you will be excited to watch over and over again.

With our Feature Film Package your full day will be edited in to a creatively edited cinematic 15 - 20 min film including highlights from your ceremony, speeches, dancing and the rest of your day. We feel that this is much more engaging to watch than the traditional full length wedding films that can last for hours! For our  Mini Movie package your full day will be edited in to a super creative film which is approx 6 - 8 mins long.

Fully Licenced Music

Every wedding film package includes a MCPS/PPL licence which allows us to add in your favourite songs to your finished wedding film. We usually ask couples to provide us with around 8 songs or more (although we won’t need them all), to give us ideas for the backing track for your feature film. All online highlight films/ trailers and Mini Movies will be edited to music  chosen by us that we are able to licence for online use.


Even if you don’t choose us or we aren’t available on your date, we highly recommend getting a professional wedding film (by that we don’t mean choose anyone or “the cheapest” that is NOT what we recommend at all). We ourselves didn’t get our wedding filmed and it remains one of our biggest regrets from our day. So much time, money and effort goes into each and every wedding that it only makes sense to invest in the things that last, your rings, your photos and your film, everything else pretty much only lasts one day (unless you start wearing your wedding dress to go shopping lol). The technology is there so it make’s sense to use it to capture the most important day of your life :)

Kelly & Craig x